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Industrial Minimalist


Julia and Ches are one of those couples that you never forget. Perhaps it's because we began working together 14 months before the big day, or perhaps it's because of the amazing details of the urban romance design style, or perhaps it was the overarching feeling of joy that the couple and their friends exuded. Whatever it is - we are incredibly grateful to have been part of the start of such a beautiful union!

During our time together, Julia would FaceTime in between her classes to earn a Masters in Architecture Degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Planning long distance brings its own challenges, but those quick calls from the car are something I will treasure - just two friends talking about all of the fun planning things and catching up on life.

Julia definitely has an eye for design and I had the best time working with her to help her vision come to life. They chose to have the wedding and reception at The Theodore - a beautifully restored and repurposed factory from 1929 located in downtown Birmingham's Lakeview Industrial District.  The large windows and exposed brick were the perfect design backdrop, while tables covered in white linen, lush, organic florals and cafe lights overhead gave the venue a sense of romance. Add to the incredible style, a family whose middle name is "fun" and you have quite the party! 

julia + Ches

the theodore

Wassily Kadinsky, the famous painter, once said, "Color is a power which directly influences the soul." I could not agree with this sentiment more. I still find that I am delighted and surprised how color can affect our minds without us even being aware of it. 

When Leigh Ann told me that she wanted to incorporate bold colors into her design, I was overjoyed! Leigh Ann and Colton have traveled the world and experienced a love story definitely worthy of the big screen. So, naturally, she wanted her wedding day to be a celebration - a celebration not only of the love that she and Colton had found in each other but in the fun life experiences they had had individually and together. 

After a very sweet and intimate ceremony at their local church, Leigh Ann and Colton joined hundreds of their friends for a romantic and cheerful evening under a canopy of string lights. Guests were seated to a delicious vegan dinner and then spent the rest of the night dancing to the rhythms of the band. 

It was a day full of color in the most wonderful way.  

Leigh Ann + Colton

the birmingham zoo

I think Kelly is one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my entire life. Andrew is an easy-going and incredibly fun guy to be around. Together - these two make quite the dynamic duo! 

Introduced to each other through the most precious mutual friend, Kelly's Maid of Honor, these two started dating while Kelly was at Samford University. When they decided to have the ceremony at A Hamilton Reid Chapel - I was absolutely THRILLED! I love everything about Reid Chapel, being a graduate of Samford myself. 

Kelly and Andrew's wedding day was pure sweetness with a color palette of bright whites, soft blush, and touches of pale summer greenery.  

At the end of the evening, Kelly and Andrew's guests were given large white balloons to release during the send-off. It was so fun watching everyone exit after a night of fun and laughter on the dance floor. And let me tell you - adults get just as excited about balloons as children! The two love-birds rode away in a vintage automobile but not before Andrew could give his bride the most picture-perfect kiss. 

Kelly + Andrew

Reid Chapel + The Club

I will never forget the day that Shelby called me to book La Belle Vie as her wedding planner. She had just gotten engaged a week or two before and I had been eagerly anticipating a phone call from her. The fact is that Shelby and I have known each other since middle school and hers was a wedding I very much wanted to be a part of! Plus, she had been a bridesmaid in two other weddings I had planned and I was so excited that it was now her turn. 

Shelby loves all things feminine and romantic and helping her with her overall design was an absolute treasure because our tastes are very similar. A color palette of pale pinks and soft white, traditional paper suite elements, and a killer altar/cake backdrop contributed to the very classy, feminine, and fun affair.

On the day of her wedding, it was an absolute honor to witness the incredible love between her and Ryan, and feel the incredible support from both of their families. From the sweet first look with her father and stepfather to watching the way Ryan looked at Shelby even when she wasn't looking (he sure loves that woman) - each moment was heartfelt and beautiful. It really was all a girl could hope for for one of her dearest friends! 

Shelby + Ryan

Vestavia Country Club

Claire and Sidney are couple goals! These two met each other while volunteering at their local church during college. They love each other something fierce and the only thing that could possibly outshine their love for each other is their shared love for their Savior. In fact, this love of Christ was definitely something honored in their ceremony with communion and a congregational hymn. It was simply beautiful and completely unique to them!

There are so many fond memories from their late Autumn wedding day but one of my favorites was the short car ride with Claire, Sidney, and two of my assistants all crammed together in my car as we drove from the location of their private dinner to the reception entrance. We had to time it just right for their entrance and for a brief moment, we were all simply sitting in the car chatting and laughing.

Those intimate moments where we simply get to celebrate with our clients - those are what make this profession something I cherish!

Claire + sidney

private residence in pike road

This precious midwestern bride met her sweetheart while studying at the University of Alabama. So, it was decided that an intimate evening affair at the local yacht club was the perfect way to bring all of their family and friends back together in the town of their alma mater. 

Planning with Anna was done remotely since she was moving between hospital rotations as she finished her medical training to become a PA. That doesn't mean planning meetings were any less fun though! It seemed like every FaceTime meeting held some bit of laughter. 

The classy event was inspired by the grace of Jackie Onassis and the fun spunk of Southern icon Reese Witherspoon. The goal was to create an atmosphere of timeless elegance and pure joy. 

Following a sweet sunset ceremony with 150 of the bride and groom's closest friends and family, everyone was invited downstairs for an evening of great food, dancing, and a whole lot of fun. 

It was a winter wedding with all the warmth and joy of a late spring day. 

anna + ross

north river yacht club